Our Programs

Natural Green Takes a More Thoughtful Approach to Lawn Care

  • A thorough and detailed scientific assessment of your lawn, trees, ornamentals and soil conditions is made.
  • Then, Natural Green creates a customized plan that addresses the unique growing conditions of your property
  • The plan includes specialized fertilization to create dramatic improvements in your soil, trees and shrubs.
  • Our plant nutrition program builds a stronger root structure, ensuring healthy growth for your plants that makes them more resistant to drought, pests and diseases.
  • Our Environmentally Friendly Programs includes spot treatment of weeds, which reduces weed control usage by up to 90%
  • Intelligent treatments including integrated pest management or IPM
  • The plan includes the use of pest control products scientifically chosen because they are the least disruptive to the environment.
  • Five applications of the best Dry granular fertilizer
  • Guaranteed Crabgrass Control (Both preventative and curative)
  • Guaranteed liquid broadleaf weed control
  • Free service calls or consultations between regular application